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September 02, 2004


Ben Day

I think the big change won't be the computer (e.g. the PC itself) but rather the operating system that ends up being widely deployed. The Linux OS has a very good chance of really taking off in China due to its low cost and open source environment.

High speed access to the internet is exploding in China. The growth is very high, and the features being offered are increasing almost daily! DSL is growing faster than cable, and TVoIP is spreading.

On top of all of this, with the proliferation of these features, the HW technology to support them may outstrip the PC market itself, that is, the consumer may not look to a general purpose PC to perform all these functions, but rather will opt for dedicated HW and functionality (like the iPod).

The bottom line, an expensive behemoth like Windows OS, may disappear in the dust.


I want a supplier of computers and computer accessories

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